Gluten-Free Hashbrown Casserole

Gluten-Free Hashbrown Casserole

A crowd favorite for Easter dinner, gluten-free hashbrown casserole is cheesy and delicious! This easy hashbrown casserole recipe is made without canned soup!



Frozen Hashbrowns Cheddar Cheese Sour Cream Butter Dried onion Crisp Rice Cereal Cream soup substitute:  Sweet rice flour, butter, broth, milk

Step 1:

Make Cream soup substitute. Start by melting butter.

Step 2:

Whisk in sweet rice flour or potato starch.

Step 3:

Whisk in broth and milk.

Step 4:

Cook and stir until thick. Set aside.

Step 5:

Combine frozen hashbrowns, cream soup substitute, sour cream, cheese, butter, minced onions, salt, and pepper.

Step 6:

Spread in casserole dish.

Step 7:

Top with cereal & melted butter.

Step 8:

Bake until golden brown and bubbly.

Enjoy! Tap below for the full recipe for more details!

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