Gluten-Free  Pie Crust

Gluten-Free  Pie Crust

Easy! Flaky!  No-Fail Recipe!

Meri says, "This is a game changer recipe! I have been trying for years to make a good tasting, easy to use GF pie crust, and now I can!!!"




GF Flour Blend




Ice Water

Step 1:

Combine butter with dry ingredients. Leave some large chunks of butter. (This will make it flaky!)

Step 2:

Stir in eggs, then water a little at a time.

Step 3:

Add just enough water to bring the dough together.

Step 4:

Divide dough, wrap, and chill.

Step 5:

Roll out on floured parchment paper.

Step 6:

Gently transfer to pie dish. Bake according to your pie recipe!

Use for a double or single crust pie!

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